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New Brunswick Child Care Election Campaign
August 2006

Comparison of political parties positions on child care

On September 18, New Brunswickers will go to the polls to elect a new government. The New Brunswick Child Care Coalition is pleased to offer a number of tools that you can use during this election campaign, including questions to ask candidates and information to give your colleagues, parents, families and friends.

Elections are the times when current Members of the Legislature (MLA) are held accountable. Elections are the times when we – the people – have a chance to show them what we think of their past record, to talk about what we want from our provincial government on child care and to gain commitments from candidates about what they would do for child care if elected.


Letter introducing the child care campaign

Fact sheet #1: Questions for all candidates

Fact sheet # 2: How to build child care in New Brunswick

Fact sheet # 3: Myths and realities about child care

Let us know what your candidates say about child care

Window sign (Click on sign to download)

Political party web sites (in alphabetical order)

New Brunswick Liberal Association

New Brunswick New Democratic Party

Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick