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It takes a village to raise a child



Mother’s Voices Project Final Report

Project Highlights



Robert Fairholm Presentation, April 17th, 2010



March 31, 2010 Letter to MLAs asking for modifications to Bill 49


Brief submitted during Consultation on Early Learning and Child Care
June 07, Child care in New Brunswick at a crossroads. The Coalition makes 15 recommendations that will transform child care in New Brunswick from a private good purchased by parents to a public good. This transformation will lead to quality programs that are available to children and affordable to parents.

Brief to Self-sufficiency Task-Force
March 07, Early learning and child care programs are part of the strategic infrastructure required to ensure New Brunswick’s competitiveness and productivity. It supports the employability of parents while at the same time helping to provide children with the foundations for lifelong health, learning and skill development.

Brief to the federal Standing Committee on Finance
Oct 24, 06 Focused Public Investment in Child Care Services Enhances Canada’s Place in a Competitive World

Brief to the Federal standing Committee on Human Resources, Social Development and Status of Persons with Disabilities
Oct 24, 06 Demonstrates the links between employability and child care.


Provincial Elections 2010



Fact sheet: NB Works if Child Care Works
Child care makes important contributions to society. This fact sheet provides information about the positive impact of professionally delivered, regulated child care – with a range of options – to the economy and labour force.

Fact sheet: The Future Begins Here
Child care makes important contributions to society. This fact sheet outlines how high quality child care today can help build the best possible future.

Child care statistics
Although we know quality child care is good for children, families and communities; many families cannot access a licensed child care space. We need your help in advocating for child care because a quality sustainable child care system requires a coherent action plan and substantial public funding.


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